Styling For Your Family Photo Session


7/12/20232 min read

a family of four sitting at Henderson Beach, Florida
a family of four sitting at Henderson Beach, Florida

Have you ever struggled to coordinate your family's outfits for a photoshoot or an event? Perhaps you waited until the week of your photoshoot and a quick Target run was your only option? I'm hoping this post serves you!!! I'm going to break down some pointers to help YOU pick out outfits for the whole tribe!

LET ME START with saying... MATCHING is not the same as COORDINATING. I'll reiterate... let's just remove the idea of "matching" from your brain NOW. If you have ever matched your family for a photoshoot, I don't blame you in the slightest. This is still common for posed, JC Penny-like photoshoots! Picture this: a family of five dressed in their favorite stainless white tops, dresses, and smooth khaki pants. This would be great if we're just wanting to focus on everyone's smiling, shining faces. You might have looked through my galleries already, and in many of my shots, the focuses are EMOTION and MOVEMENT.

How do I coordinate, instead of... MATCH?

Well, this post will guide you through some easy pointers. Let's go through them!


Don't be afraid to mix patterns. Some patterns are a BIG no-no. Head over to my blog post all about my NOs for outfit selection linked here: (TBD). Basically, you'll want delicate patterns of floral or trendy checkered. Even medium-to-thick stripes are great to consider!


With colors, it's very important you don't go too bright or harsh. Hot pinks, cyans, etc. will all reflect so brightly against the white sand beaches of Okaloosa Island or wherever you stay! My tip: choose two colors that compliment each other and stick to varying shades of that color. Toss in a neutral to balance it all. For example: TEAL + BROWN, toss in CREAM. Another example: GREEN + ORANGE, toss in BROWN. Notice... these are EARTHY tones! Consider creams over stark whites. Bright whites will reflect harshly in photos.


This is my favorite part to consider! Variety in material and layering will help add movement in your gallery. Lace material adds delicacy, layers add depth, knitted sweaters add a feeling of coziness. Those are just a few examples. When I style my families, I like to find two pieces that are different in texture. I might have a little boy wear a pair of shorts with intentional ripped spots (texture!!). Maybe I'll have the little girl wear crew socks that have a little frilly ankle part. These little details add character!

I really hope these little tips help you pick out some perfect pieces that look cohesive!! Check out my separate blog posts that are more beach-specific or to help you prepare with the flow of how your session will go!!